Thursday, February 2, 2012


Mid Century Danish Modern (inspired) Kitchens

So, it's time for me to eat my words.  Yesterday I said that I had zero love for mid century kitchens and bathrooms.  I was wrong.

The kitchens and baths I was referring to were never really modern at all, they were either updated in the mid century with colors that hearkened back to an earlier time, or were in newly built houses that, again, were not necessarily modern.

I felt bad about what I said, and decided to do some research....turns out I love mid century modern kitchens... who knew?
All of the following are not authentic, some are lovingly restored, some are new, let take a look...

Love the room divider and the stone wall.

Found this guy on apartment therapy, he decorated his entire house in MCM and did a fantastic job.  He said his original inspiration was the "mid century lounge chair he found in his parents basement".   Love that.

A lovingly restored Eichler home.  You people in California are just too cool!

Does anyone else remember this house from Domino Magazine?  I don't remember who owned it, but the whole thing was fantastic.

So love these windows.  Could you live without upper cabinets in your kitchen?

I'm in love with these handles on the cabinets....the view's nice too.

All the white really brightens up this kitchen. 

This is what I thought a mid century kitchen looked like.  Although this one's cuter than most...still.
I'm so glad I did the research.  That's what I love about blogging, I'm always learning.  Hopefully you learn something here as well.

Have a beautiful day.

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