Thursday, January 13, 2011

Roy Lichtenstein's Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997)- Pop Artist

Pop Art as the perfect companion to Mod Home and Mid-Century Interiors

He attended Ohio State University to get a fine arts degree. Served in the Army in WWII and returned home to get a graduate degree under the G.I. Bill and teach.

Later he worked as a draftsman and window decorator between stints at painting. In 1957 he moved back to upstate New York to teach again, painting in Abstract Expressionism. In 1961 he starting painting pop art using cartoon images from comic books of the 20’s and 30’s.

Critics of the day challenged his art’s originality, and indeed comparing his paintings to the original cartoon drawings indicates a very close match. Lichtenstein, however, didn’t take his art too seriously, and he figured his art was transformative in purpose and entirely different.

From an interior design and furniture design perspective, which interests us right now with our 2nd careers, his art, and other pop art totally ROCKs mid-century modern and Mod Home designscapes. It fits perfectly in style and color – which is no reason to buy art they say, but I’m not a purist – I just choose to create environments that inspire and make people damn happy - Lichtenstein totally fits!

Picture these in your den over that great mid-century sofa, over your fireplace, or in your bedroom or dining room. Sweeeeet!

Shine on! Braxton


Anonymous said...

que lindo adorei

Anonymous said...

I Love pop art <3

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