Friday, July 29, 2011

Wonderland Room Décor

Alice in Wonderland Muse Rocks Interior Décor

As Yancey and I dig into the Wonderland Muse as a jumping off point for our own design, I wanted to see what was out there in terms of room décor.

We wanted to bust this muse into 3 parts- Classical/Traditional as in English overstuffed upholstery and tea party-ish, a 20-30 something shabby chic apartment Alice vibe, and a modern and playful story.

As I researched content, I found more of the Classical and Modern at first, and then frankly ran out of time. It bears additional research, but I thought I would share what I have so far.

Hope you enjoy!

Shine On! Braxton

Let's Start out with a Modern/Playful Alice Muse...

Playful dreamlike distorted reality

The rabbit hole?

Playful colors and modern elements

Almost Seussian colors and playfullness! Sweet

Very Alice

Happy color story here

Time as Alice story

Building a House of Cards

Drink this to get smaller...

CG roomscape

Some Modern Commercial Alice Stories...

OK, Let's try a dose of Classic/Traditional Alice Decor...

Now for a Dose of Betsey Johnson...she seems to rock the Classical Alice Story mostly, with a dose of Modern Alice...

LOVE her work. Very Alice don't you think?

Now for a small pinch of pattern play- not fully realized yet, but just for starters...

Cakes as pattern muse?

Chessboard muse

Crazy mix n match pattern muse

Down the rabbit hole

Love the Hatter!  Wallpaper muse

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