Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 Mary Quant, born in London in 1934, is synonymous with the mod fashion movement of the 1960's.  She is generally credited with the invention of the mini skirt as well as hot pants.  I suppose you could say that men the world over owe her a great big thank you.
Her fashion actually made it into the Sears catalog.

Mary's love of the mini cooper is said to be why she referred to her signature bum skimming hemlines as the mini skirt.

Vidal Sassoon was obviously inspired by Mary's androgynous hair style.

Occasionally vintage Mary Quant can be found on Ebay.  I'll bet this baby was sold in minutes!
 Mary was famous for her sweater dresses with plastic collars, balloon-style dresses, plastic lace-up boots, and plastic rain coats, and general trendiness.  She was also one of the first designers to incorporate pop art in fashion.
A retrospective.

I would absolutely wear this today.  Wouldn't you?

There was briefly a special order Mary Quant designed mini cooper!!!  Love the all-over stripes and her signature on the seat covers.

Dear Mary.

Mary hard at work.
Do you/would you own any vintage Mary Quant?  Hope you enjoyed!
Have a beautiful day.


Leslie R. said...

I would love some! It's timeless and so great looking!

Pippi said...

Reading about the death of Vidal Sasoon and found your site. Of course, would love some Mary Quant. He and she were both geniuses. To take something so simple that makes sense and offer it to the world. Luv the 60's. Thank you!

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