Friday, September 2, 2011

Steampunk Room Décor in 3 Styles – Theatrical, Industrial Victorian, and Modern

Decorating with an Industrial Victorian aka Steampunk Story
Love the Steampunk story! Since it’s an alternative historical story, as in a history that never happened except in the imaginations of writers, designers, artists, directors, and dreamers, this story can be a lot of things to a lot of people. Mostly I think of it as having historical reference rooted in Victorian/Edwardian times, but with steam based technology and scientific and industrial elements.
In the picture above, which rocks!, (what a bedroom!), this doesn’t even reference heavy Victorian, but more of a modern/Roman bath juxt with some steampunk elements – see the dreamy lamps on each side of the bed, with perhaps a touch of Victorian/steampunk in the headboard. It also reminds me of Dinotopia, which is very steampunk in my mind. So, lots of ways to tell this story.
In digging into my archives on the subject, and pulling some new images from Google, I’ve broken Steampunk into 3 style stories: Theatrical – which is very over the top, Victorian/Industrial – which reference both stories individually or in combination, and Modern – which shows elements of steampunk to rock a more contemporary and eclectic story. Again, lots of ways to tell the story from extreme to subtle.
Hope you enjoy!
Shine On! Braxton
Let's Start with the high octane Theatrical Steampunk Style...

City Hall Station in NYC- hidden away for years...

Moving on to Victorian/Industrial Steampunk Styling...

Love the combination of the black ironwork and brick here

Finally, the Modern Steampunk, or Steampunk Lite...

Metal Industrial cart in Modern setting

Bookcase, portraits and art covering walls and spiral staircase

Industrial/modern cocktail table rocks with a B/W color story

This wall art seems punky to me- cool juxt

The bricks and skylight tell an industrial story

Metal table seems bridge like with steel trusses

Room divider and floor tell an industrial story

Cocktail table is spot on

Sofa rocks the story

Red metal table, ceiling lamp is mechanical, and juxt of wing back and fireplace with modern elements

Fun color blast in this industrial table on wheels

Headboard and over sized portraits seem steampunk to me

Very industrial but clean/modern

Metal adjustable sawhorse desks, with mechanical lighting and classical Greek key rug

Hello Restoration Hardware. Dig the over sized portrait as part of the story!.

Industrial stools are great, love the contrast against the white, with the dark table

Ceiling beams with metal construction touch on Steampunk

Metal architectural shelving, chairs and metal/butchers block table here

Piping/plumbing hack with bold splash of blue

Like the doors closing behind Get Smart, our story ends. What do you think of Steampunk in Home Decor?

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