Monday, April 23, 2012

Tim Burton Inspired Home Décor in 3 Style Stories – Gothic, Modern Gothic and Fantastical

While we are away at H.P.F.M. I thought I'd share a few blasts from the past.  Enjoy.  We'll catch up when we get back.
Rocking the Whimisical Gothic Muse in Decorating

When I was researching Tim Burton Muse week in home décor, I didn’t know what I would find in the Googlesphere. Didn’t really know what I wanted to find, but I knew it wasn’t Halloween, or Vampire or even too spooky – just atmospheric, a little playful, but with gothic pattern and old velvets and curtains, a somber color pallet, a little sweetness, a little romantic decrepitude, a little melancholy

Where I ended up from my research was 3 Burtonesque styles: Traditional Gothic, Gothic Modern, and Fantastical. Other ways include Alice (see our Alice Muse week) or Spooky Circus (as in Big Fish) inspired, but I couldn’t find much on the Circus-way. Maybe a muse for another day…

It’s been a fun week of Burton-ing. As we’ve said, we love his work and that he rocks the method designer with his clothes and his art in sync.

Hope you enjoy! Braxton

Let's start with a Traditional Gothic Story...
Very Corpse Bride

Love the ironwork and the B/W and red story, classical and modern elements here

Very dark

Love the silver legs...and the croc rocks!

Wow! Get the dustbuster, honey.
Left click to ZOOM this Fantastic image

Again, very Corpse Bride

CG art tells the story

Moving to Modern Burton and Modern Gothic Stories...

Very cool room

Great silver story here. Romantic

Great juxt of old/nw with B/W story and silver

Bold Burtonesque stipes, ghost chair and mirrored table rocks!

Very dramatic and theatrical

Silver and gray bold stiped wallpaper and dark floors look great.

Red and White bold stripes also work, especially with dark wood floor and furniture

A little too theatrical and bloody, but cool

Dig the full moon. Nice B/W and grey story

Love this

Love the poison green chaise in this B/W room - really makes a statement!

Now for a dose of the Fantastical Burton Story...

See some colorfull playfullness here 

Fantastical Burtonesque trees

What I'm seeing here is the lamps and shadoweque whimsical hangings

From the Moma retrospective...

Tim Burton - Rock On! We love your work!


Rhonda Merry said...

The one you said was to theatrical and bloody is a Dexter ispired party room. With the seran wrap floors and red thread and test tubes with blood, it's one of my favorites on here... definitely not time burton but i see where you get the idea that it is :)

Braxton and Yancey said...

You are exactly right! We don't watch TV (true) so I had to research the show. This room was indeed inspired by Dexter. I guess it's in the same macabre family, though lacking a certain Burtonesque sweetness or whimsey :) Thanks! Brax

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