Thursday, March 4, 2010

our house is a very very very small house

So here we are through our daughter's eyes... a painting of us Sarah did for our 25th anniversary. It's hanging over Braxton's grandmother's couch in our living room.

But we love it!! Braxton and I live in a house we bought 20 years ago - it's the house we raised our girls in - it's a house we will probably never leave.

The thing is - we really need to "youthanize" (my word) the place. Let me explain... our house looks a little to 40'something married couple with two children and what I want it to look like is 20'something hipsters who drink lots of wine and only watch indie movies.
I will now try to download a picture of our kitchen - haven't had much luck so far - here goes... I don't know why it is at the top of the page but you get the idea.

Any ideas for the kitchen? Is the black too old lady - it was white before which I thought was really really old lady.

I will try to publish this now because I'm still learning and don't trust myself yet to do it right.

sorry about the rambling.



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