Friday, May 28, 2010

second chances

Well my lovelies, my youngest child is now a college graduate!! She graduated from the College of William and Mary and we are soo proud ..... wait .....there are other feelings bubbling up as well - let's see - sadness, loneliness, a tiny bit of regret.... what's this? relief! Yes thats right - I do feel a sense of relief. It's almost as if Braxton and I have graduated too - sorta like we get a do over. This is one reason why we had our children in our 20's - so that we would have energy, enthusiasm and hopefully a little money once they were grown. Actually we were forgetting about college loans when we thought we might have money one day.

So now we are officially "empty nesters." My precious chicks went and became lovely, talented, brilliant, and now educated young women - and I'm left feeling a little fragile. How about you?

Let me know how the wh0le "empty nest" thing has worked at your house.

Congratulations to all new graduates and their parents! Have a wonderful holiday weekend.



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