Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The damn happy

Several weeks ago I was listening to my favorite radio station ( I do love me some hip-hop in the morning)and they were doing the top of the hour news. Talk about depressing - local suicide, flooding in the midwest, the economy, and no Christmas was coming! After the d.j. was finished with the broadcast another d.j. asked "where's the damn happy?"

The thing is - Braxton and I have been thinking a lot lately about "the damn happy". What is the damn happy? and how do we get more of it? - and more importantly how do we share it with the world? - which is in desperate need of some damn happy - right now!

I've thought about the usual suspects for happiness....sunny days, baskets of puppies, rainbows. I've also thought about other things that are probably universally "happy" but perhaps are not the first things that come to mind...a good hair day, comfy slippers, sex.

And then there are things that make us happy that are more personal...my bright orange dresser, the sound of Braxtons tires in the driveway at the end of the day, vegetarian lasagna - yum.

So, I ask you - what is your damn happy?

I'll leave you with these personal examples of my damn happy:

My darling husband. Fresh tomatoes.


The yummy color of these chairs.

The view from the 28th floor in Vegas. Sexy!!

Day lillies.

The beautiful state of Virginia.

I'll be sharing more "damn happy" in the coming days and would love to hear about your happy. Share - won't you?

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Amanda said...

freshly baked bread!!!!!!

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