Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DIY lighting and damn happy zebras

Before Braxton and I were interested in mod design we were briefly into all things industrial. I want to share a DIY lamp idea that survived the transition.
Behold the lowly clamp lamp. I believe we purchased ours from Lowes for about 10 bucks each.
Before: Sorry about the teensie picture - but you've seen a clamp lamp before, right?After: The foil thingy (hope I'm not being too technical here) screws off. I simply spray painted it with a rustoleum metallic blue and screwed it back on (are you keeping up?).

We clamped one to each end of our breakfast room curtain rods.

Then we decided the bedroom needed the same treatment. So, once again, I screwed off the foil thingy and spray painted the inside this time. I used a soft shiny pink which gives the perfect glow for a bedroom and is enough light to read by in bed.

The clamp fits perfectly and snugly on our poster bed and swivels in all directions. I know, right?

Speaking of the damn happy. I'm sure by now all of you have poured over the pictures of Kate and Andy Spades apartment over at I wanted to share my favorite pic. of the Spade abode ( This is absolutely the best wall paper of all time! Who doesn't want zebras leaping across the bathroom? Plus zebras are such snappy dressers. This I love. Really love.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who observe the holiday.

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