Tuesday, November 2, 2010

muskrat love

Due to an unfortunate accident involving a salt shaker we now have a mismatched set. This will not due. So, it's on to our favorite "antique" store to hunt for salt and pepper shakers.
But first - lunch.
This is one of our favorite restaurant/dives. It happens to be across the street from the antique store, as well as locally owned, which we love. Did I mention the incredible and huge deli sandwiches? Oh my.

We seem to be the first ones here. Notice how wonderfully/frighteningly 1970's it is.

How do these people make any money at these prices? Looove the groovy menu art.

Speaking of art, one of the reasons we love this place is the retro art on the wall. I'm pretty sure it's all been here from the beginning - and why not - it's fantastic.

I'm always too full. But one day...

Now to shopping. I had no idea there were so many s&p's in the world.

These super cute ice cream cones are actually s&p shakers.

I know it's an ashtray but I couldn't resist. How cheeky!

These are a little too country cute for me.

This is gonna take a while.

The color 0f these would be perfect in my kitchen.

And the winner is.... how cute are these? I love that these guys are married/stuck together so that the salt shaker never ends up at one end of the table and the pepper at the other - one of my pet peeves.
Gotta go fill up my new shakers.
Peace, Yancey

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