Wednesday, November 17, 2010

polka dots - not just for kids

Once upon a time (early last spring I think) Braxton and I were visiting our daughter at college in Williamsburg, Virginia. We were walking down DOG street (those from the area know what I mean) when I spotted it. In the window of Bins department store was the Kate Spade dress of my dreams. It had a cream background and was covered with pink, purple, and orange polka dots! It was $350.00. Hummmm. College tuition, the fact that it was dry clean only (all those chemicals!), KS doesn't do petites, I had a gazillion reasons why I should NOT buy that dress. Guess what - I walked away. It was definitely the right thing to do - but I gotta admit I've always regretted it.
Which brings me to the guest room I've spent the last week trying to redecorate in time for the holidays. I've chosen my color scheme - yellow and white - and I've decided to go with polka dots as a pattern. Have you googled polka dots lately? Who said polka dots are only for kids. Seriously, when you google "polka dots + decor" you get tons of pictures of kids rooms/nurseries and that's pretty much it. BRAXTON and YANCEY BY DESIGN will definitely be designing a collection based on polka dots in the near future!
Since I couldn't find actual decor examples - I'll leave you with this.

I found these small plates at t.j.maxx and our daughters gave us the glassware. These curtains are from a store I really don't want to give a shout out to - but the name ends in mart.

Did you know that traditionally polka dots were used in the clothing of flamenco dancers?

Frank Sinatra's first recorded hit with Tommy Dorsey was called Polka dots and moonbeams.

It's almost lunch time people.

Ok the final two. These actually could almost/maybe/sorta be sophisticated enough for an adults bedroom.

But then, who said adults need to be sophisticated? Are polka dots the damn happy or what?

photo credits: Yancey Williams,,, the,

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