Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An autobiographical home (with lots of quotes by Jonathan Adler)

Several years ago BM (before mod) our house was very appropriate.  It was mother approved, mother in law approved, and neighbor approved.  When the day came that our children were grown we became less and less concerned about what others thought regarding the way we lived.  We acquired a WTF attitude.  And with that new found attitude we began to have fun with decorating.

"Be inappropriate"  
Jonathan Adler   

We looked around and saw lots upon lots of brown boxy furniture.  So, out came the paint brushes and our once boring chest became...

a glorious shade of hot pink.

"Modesty of overrated.  Let the world know just how naughty you are - what do you have to lose?  We all have a wild side, but we're taught to hide it.  Use decorating to unleash your sizzle on the world."   Jonathan Adler


Even if you're not an artist (as I am NOT) consider painting a canvas anyway.  If you stick with something simple - like this union jack - you can't go wrong. 

This jaunty orange chest was once a yucky washed out green(ish) color.  You'll have to take my word for that.

Consider having something in your home that you can change every day.  This is the lamp we designed.  You can insert a new image (or your own photograph) into the acrylic tube anytime you want - it can change every day.  How autobiographical is that? *

"The minute I stopped listening to other people was the minute that I became the most creative and prolific and full of joy.  You know in your heart what you love and what makes you happy, so listen to yourself."  Jonathan Adler

Consider painting your front door your favorite color what ever it may be - you can always paint it over again anytime you want.

I would love your hear your thoughts on making a home autobiographical.  Please share.

Sorry for the shameless plug , but if you would like to purchase the "naked lamp" please contact me @



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