Friday, December 17, 2010

Mid-Century Time Machine - Christmas in America

Yesterday we looked at TV-land's interpretation of Mid-Century Style in Mad Men. Here is a quick look at some Googled images of Christmas interiors in vintage photos.

Dig the Silver Tree! I remember having one just like this with blue balls - foreshadowing :)

Love the curtains! The everpresent TV...

Dig the Tinsel. I remember every year hanging tinsel. LOADS of Tinsel.

Love the Mid-Century chair and two-tier tables seemed very popular.

Another curtain story, with eclectic mix of furniture...Mid-Century lamp

The Legendary Miller & Rhodes Tea Room, Richmond, VA. Yancey and I recall going here for special occasions and to visit Santa at Christmastime!

Link to Great Toys of the 60's - What Don Draper's Kids Will Find Under the Tree

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