Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mid-Century Modern - Mad Men Style

Mid-Century Modern–

The Style we Love – Mad Men Style

Since we are rocking Mid-Century design with our ModHome Collection, we got hooked on this show…believe it or not, the collection came first, the show we discovered later on. We opted out of cable TV 20 years ago, for a variety of reasons, so we were a little late to the dance, but it confirmed our timing on ModHome.

Great Mid-Century style, very well crafted show – lots of great hooks, and I think Yancey has the hot pants for Don :). I guess if you like that rugged kind of handsome dude thing. I don’t know.

Great inspiration here, so we’ve bought a few sets of CDs as inspiration.

TONS of blogs devoted to this show- so no need to reinvent the wheel, but it’s a muse we should add to our blog mix. An influence you will see play out in our designs.

Shine on! Braxton

Clean geometric and organic lines, lack of excessive ornamentation, modern

Dig Shiny Surfaces, really throws some LIGHT around.

Love the door and the glass wall panels. Love the lamps and the seating area

We don't smoke but ashtrays can ROCK. Austin Powers was asked once, Do you smoke after Sex? I don't know Baby, I've never LOOKED :) 

Glamour shot

Take a little swim in the Secretarial Pool
HMM---Is this working?

I AM going to have to Kick some ASS and get an Executive Office- Write it into the script people! Season 2!
Shirts-Off-O'Clock gift to Yancey Darling

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