Friday, December 10, 2010

mid century modern style for men

Braxton has already walked you through a quick history of "mod", but I wanted to add my opinion on the mid century aesthetic and the  modern male.  For starters for those of us who are over 40, we remember when our dads dressed this way.  For anyone who was a teenager in the 60's and 70's you may remember boyfriends who dressed as such.  So, how to translate this "look" for the 2000's?  Basically you don't.  As you can see by the following Ralph Lauren models, the look is basically the same as it ever was.  What I would call preppy (or mod), although my daughters have a completely different interpretation of the preppy male, is just what Mr. Lauren has been selling for years.Men's Cashmere Cable Crew - Polo Ralph Lauren - RalphLauren.comMerino Wool V-Neck Vest - Polo Ralph Lauren - RalphLauren.comCashmere Jersey V-Neck - Polo Ralph Lauren - RalphLauren.comMichael Kors MICHAEL KORS Tailored Stripe Shirt & Classic Twill JeansThese two looks are obviously from Mad Men and who doesn't love a guy in a sports coat or suit?  While these looks would probably not have been favored by the mod male Braxton was referring to, I suspect their fathers dressed like this.  Both of these looks can be found in vintage stores everywhere, or probably in your fathers closet.mm411-stan-560.jpgmm412-roger-lane-faye-560.jpg
This jacket is from Michael Kors, and is similar to the bomber type jackets Braxton referenced.  If you don't want to go full on mod, consider adding a piece or two, and a jacket is a great place to start.Michael Kors MICHAEL KORS Rabbit-Fur Trimmed Parka & Thermal Shirt

Would you consider dressing mod?  Would you want your man to?  What are your favorite sources for mod style for women?

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