Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Danish Modern Lamps- A Treasure Hunt

Yancey blogged about going to the Antique/Consignment store over the weekend where we fell in love with a Danish Modern lamp with a SOLD sign on it. Damn. We also went back to measure and buy a great starburst clock we had seen earlier. Instead of a clock on the wall, there was an empty space. It had sold just that morning! FU********K!  You snooze, you lose mate!

Having returned home with some great mid-century pineapple "monkey pod" bowls and a cool ice bucket (a lot of fun, a lot of look for $15), we realized how PERFECT that lamp would have been in styling and in size.  We love having a drop dead screaming mid-century piece in each room - a clock, a . lamp, an ashtray....something that tells the mid-century story, but not in a subtle screams it!

So, Braxton jumped on EBay to see if he could find another one. No such luck! What I did find, which is small consolation, is a collection of images of other Danish Modern beauties. Most pieces seem to vibe a Teak or Walnut woodsy, craftsy Danish story. Some lamps are ceramic, but very little color.

The lesson? Since we're not shopping at WalMart, and there's just one of a special something in an antique/thrift/consignment store, we've got to act fast. Generally we like to treasure hunt and then deliberate over lunch, or go back home and take some measurements, look at our home space again, and decide - sometimes return a week or so later if we are uncertain about the piece. The lesson is that when you find treasure, and you love it, snap it up if you can, it may not be there tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy the pics!
Shine On! Braxton
The Danish Crown

You know what they say about Two Heads...

Cool spin on the lamp table. Elf-land-ish!

Organic feel to this - a tulip?

Elegant. We will call this our friend the giraffe, and it will be our good giraffe :)

Another tulipy design - some of these seem like they are made with scrap lumber from furniture production. Would be a beautiful use of scrap!

Another botanical story. Leaves remind me of our spaghetti lamp.

Love the big lamp ate the little lamp story here!

Dig tension lamps. Organic. A little serpent in the Garden of Eden-ish.

Nice to see some color after all this brown wood.

Cool floating lamp in a seed pod story

THE SCREAMING DANISH MODERN PIECE! - would take this home with us!

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