Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Perscription for the Damn Happy

Reminder list for myself: For the Damn Happy - take two of these and call me in the morning...

  • Be kind – everyone is fighting their own battle
  • Practice Unconditional Love – self/others. Love is the answer
  • Practice Non-judgment – self/others. Forgive
  • Practice Right Thinking – most suffering is due to wrong thinking (imagined what-if’s for example). Redirect you the mind channel to joy. Practice mindfulness. Think again
  • While you are at it, Create your own reality – it’s a function of what you pay attention to.
  • Practice Non-attachment to results
  • Enjoy the Journey, the Now, don’t fixate on the future. Seek Joy! (exist IN JOY), the present moment
  • Breathe deeply - attention to breathing is de-stressing
  • Explore Meditation & Buddhism (a practice not a dogma)
  • Know thyself – if you’re not you, then who?
  • Lighten up – Laugh, stroke your sense of humor. Pretty good medicine.
  • Practice Right Consumption - Ingest the healthy and joyful – food, news, etc. Stay informed but limit news and other negatives.
  • Follow your passions - it is the path to self-realization
  • Be thankful everyday– it helps to remind self of blessings
  • Marry/partner well – 95% of your damn happy is linked here
  • Contemplate Inter-being. We are one……
  • Release happy Endorphins with Exercise, Smiling, Sleep, Sex.
  • Simplify
  • Slowdown
  • Make up your own reminder list! What makes you happy?
Shine On! Braxton

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