Thursday, February 10, 2011

Make me over - day seven

What's in my closet now:

I thought I better do a little pre-shopping inventory of my clothes.  The result is a grand total of two somewhat mid-century outfits.  Let me show you;

This is a knit dress that I bought at steinmart about a year ago.  I've never been sure about the figure flattering properties of  a dress that hangs from the shoulders.  I could belt this, but I think the buttons plus a belt buckle would be too busy.  Any ideas?

 This black shirt dress was a fantastic find at goodwill, I paid $3.00 and it still had the tags!  Personally, I think this dress is much more flattering than the red one, probably because it accents my waist line.  Do you think I could get away with a colorful belt?  Red perhaps? 
 This is a chanel-esq jacket that I bought to wear with the black dress.  I swear every time I wear this jacket I feel 10 years older, and that is NOT a good thing.  Braxton really likes this look though, is there anyway to make this outfit more youthful?  Something about this reads dumpy to me.
So, now you know just how badly I need to go shopping.  Tomorrow I hit my first consignment clothing store.  If you had any great ideas let me know.
Have a beautiful day.

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