Friday, February 25, 2011

Vintage jackpot

Still feeling a bit peaky but I seem to finally be on the mend.  A thousand apologies for the sickly pictures I posted last time, my fever must have been raging otherwise vanity would have stopped me, hope I didn't scare any small children.

.I wanted to share some of the vintage finds from last weekend in Salem

This coat is black and white leather.  It reminded me of a star trek episode.  I tried it on and Braxton actually loved it, even encouraged me to buy it!  After almost 30 years you would think I know the man better.

I'm pretty sure Marcia Marcia Marcia had one of these in every color.

The label on this says "thalheimers french room" which means something to my fellow Virginians.  Once the jacket was off I noticed the stains under the arms.  Sad.  Thank you kind man for holding this while I took the pic.

I do love a structured bag.

Another gem.

Of all the things I left behind this one haunts me.  Matching shoes and bag!  The shoes were actually a size 5 but they were a little scuffed as was the bag.  Why didn't I remember the wonders of shoe polish?

Does anyone know how a lady was supposed to keep this from blowing away?

So cute.

Again, a structured bag, the second thing that haunts me.

I actually meant to go back and buy this, but I forgot.  It would have been perfect because I'm a Leo.
Well that was our trip to Salem.  I will definitely go back, the best luck I've had so far.

Random:  Last night we saw The Social Network.  Note to self:  never piss off someone who is waaay smarter than you.  Lesson learned.

I'll be back next week feeling my usual perky self.  Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

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