Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Danish Modern – Mid-Century Muse - Home Fashion that Rocks!

I have some business I need to take care of today.  This is a post that Braxton wrote back in March and I thought you may enjoy it again.
Danish Modern - Mid-century Muse

Danish Modern – Design a la Mod

Yancey and I LOVE Danish Modern. We’ve had such a great time thrifting for Danish styled Mid-Century furniture and lamps and accessories for our beloved Acorn Hill.

Slowly, piece by piece, we are transforming our cottage into a Mid-Century Modern Mojo Machine. In about 6 months Yancey has splashed bright saturated colors on several tired old pieces, we cleaned off surfaces and styled table tops, and we’ve folded these great Danish Modern, and Mid-Century Modern pieces into our life, while adding our own twist! It has been so much fun, and the house makes us happy. No more tired-old…now youthful, optimistic, energetic, clean, and FUN!

Danish Modern aka Scandinavian Modern had its roots in the 1930’s with Danish and Swedish designers producing outstanding work. Furniture Facts says to look for plain, unadorned surfaces, graceful curves and smooth, tapered legs…(for a) sculptured feeling…their most distinctive characteristic. “ The style peaked in the 50’s, and was produced in Europe and in the US.

We love the simple, clean lines, the beautiful woods, often teak or walnut, sexy legs, with some pieces rocking an asymmetrical design we find very fresh and very un-furniture store. Hope you enjoy the slide show!

Shine on! Braxton
Great Vanity

Rich wood, great texture, love the glass cabinet


Unusual piece. Love pieces that scream Mid-Century like this. Really sets the story of a room.

Very tall legs. Sometimes proportions can be a little unusual by contemporary standards, which I love.

Ready for George Jetson to lift off!

Asymmetrical design. Very modern, clean, plain fronts.

Very Incredibles. Love it!

Awsome piece. Tapered legs, asymmetrical, fantastic floating glass cabinet

Again, rich wood and great texture. No obvious drawer pulls or handles

Great chair

Love these consoles 

Sweet end tables. Does Danish Modern ROCK or what?
Have a beautiful day, I'll be back tomorrow so tune in!


Martin said...

That leather daybed is classic. However its International Style not danish modern. Designed by Mies Van der rohe.

Martin said...

The top chair is pretty cool. Grete Jalk desig, manufactured by France and sons.. I have the 3 seater

Braxton and Yancey said...

Good information! My education in these styles is still a work in progress. Thanks for the feedback! Love the top chair. We've got similar chairs and sofa made by Bassett. Brax

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