Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scooters - Amore' in the Streets - a Mod Love Affair

Vespa’s as Mod Mid-Century Mojo

In my research on Mods, the scooter, especially the Italian Vespa, was part of the Mod life. For young art school students in the 50’s, they were cheap and easy to get around with in a city, and they liked to pimp them with extra mirrors and lights, and personalize them with their names, and ride around with army jackets to protect their clothes, which were often tailored Italian suits for men - cool juxt.

Lest you think there is no method to our Modness, although scooters don’t fall into our three categories of food, fashion and fun décor, they do ROCK Mid-Century, which we love, and they are a great muse for our designs and are so very Mod!

Motorcycles are cool, but there is something about a scooter is just cute, fun, and more friendly-like, which is to say, they are for us part of the damn happy. Plus, there are so many great movies we love that feature scooters – Roman Holiday, Amelie, and Ratatouille to name a few.

What follows are some pictures of our love affair with great mid-century scooters. From a design perspective, look for great shiny color, some two-toned (which rocks!), with reflective chrome and mirrors, comfortable roomy seats for couples, and a beautiful soft rounded body. Sexy!

Hope you enjoy!

Shine on! Braxton

Final Scooter scene in Amelie - Amore'!

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