Thursday, April 28, 2011

British Glam Décor – Bringing the Damn Glam to Mid-Century Inspired Spaces

A Royal Wedding – Time to Celebrate British Glam Décor, MOD style

Yancey has a thing for Bling. Lately she’s been excitedly talking about exploring the Glamorous side of Mod and Modern Mid-Century Décor. I look forward to learning more about that from her since it’s an area of Mid-Century design that I haven’t explored.

When I think Glam Décor in general, I’m thinking of luxury. You say glamorous and I am thinking Hollywood-type glitz, show homes, amazing Las Vegas casinos, sleek pent houses in New York. More specifically, I am thinking mirrors, shiny metals and crystal, furs and animal prints, luxurious furniture, exquisitely decorated spaces, and plenty of bling.

How Glam applies to Mid-Century and Modern Décor, I’m still sorting out. Yancey will have to help me with that. Right now I am thinking that clean elegance, impeccable décor, and beautiful pieces of art and furniture are definitely part of the mix.

The photos that follow are a slideshow of Googled British Glam and Glam Retro Décor, in honor of our friends in the British Isles, and the Royal Wedding - which we hope you enjoy tomorrow!

What do you think, does Glam have a place in Mid-Century Modern Design?

Hope you enjoy the slide show!

Shine on! Braxton
Over the top Glam


Definitely Glam

Elements of Glam...


Beautiful, but Glam?

Love this setting

That works

Old School - Steampunk even

Sweet. Love the retro Glam. Love the art. That cocktail table is too cool!

Sultry. Elegant

The casual side of Glam?

Clean and modern, but Glam?


I'm struggling with this one. The chairs have elegant lines, but too youthful for glam?

Left click to ZOOM image. This one's worth it

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