Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Danish Modern Upholstery – Mid-Century Modness

Thrifting for Mid-Century Seating
The End is Near!
We’ve enjoyed the beautiful 18th century mahogany old velvet sofa and chair we inherited from my grandparents for many years – but we are ready for a trade in.

Since we’ve caught the Mid-Century modern bug, we’ve slowly, piece by piece, replaced the old tired stuff with thrifted furniture that is more fresh and modern, while adding wild splashes of color – orange, fuchsia, poison green, Yves Klein blue. It has been so much fun!

The elephant in the room, as Yancey describes it, has been the old velvet. Actually, it could rock in the right setting. It’s in fair shape, but the aging of the velvet is what rocks – it could be great for future design vibes like Vampire Weekend, or Rock N Roll Underground, or even a Royalty in Decay Vibe. But for us, now, it’s not happening.

Last week my banker friend said her friend dropped off some Danish Modern at a local consignment store. I got directions and went there immediately to find a sofa and 2 chairs in need of some love. The wood’s in good shape, and the design is indeed Danish Modern, but it needs some new webbing badly. Done! We are handy, hearty folks, we can do that! The seat cushion covers unzip, so they can be cleaned (we hope) and eventually replaced if needed.

And so, I’m planning to pick up the furniture this week, while Yancey is working the phones to find a home for the elephant sofa and wing back – to make room. Exciting to continue to tell the Mid-Century story in our living room. It will rock. We just need to work through the repair and perhaps dry clean the cushions…we will share photos later! In terms of our quest for Mid-Century seating, the end is near.

Having found Danish Modern Upholstery unexpectedly in our midst, I thought I would research the topic and see what was out there in terms of uph design.

Hope you enjoy!

Shine on! Braxton
Looks brand new- sleek, boxed off and Mid-Century styling with tapered capped legs

A little Chicken Heart for my taste, but very Danish legs

Rocking Mid-Century - looks like original covers

Unusual configuration - Nice.

Hugging chair - so funky, a little clunky

Very clean, very Danish Modern - great sculptural wood story

Egg chair - this we love

Another clean Danish beauty - looks like cushions have been updated

Smiley face

Again, very sculptural wood story. Grasshopper legs are unusual

Mid-Century setting with art and pillows - tapered conical legs are common

Very uptown - love this

I dig the Siamese Twin seating with the built in table. New cushions.

Nice cantilevered table, asymmetrical styling seems a hallmark of Mid-Century

Bold color, great sculptural wood, unconventional leg placement is fresh

Two beauties!

A little forelorn, but waiting for a good home at a thrift store nearby :)

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