Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Décor – Tonic for a Toxic Planet and Muse for Mod BYdesign

Modern Happy Design – A Picture Archive for Design that Lifts the Spirit

OK, I’m a guy, and I confess, I don’t like country duckies and bunnies. Over that. Way over. There was a time about 25 years ago when Yancey and I were into the whole “country”, log cabin, living close to the land thing, but that ship has sailed Baby! We’re The Mod Couple now, and we have moved on!

Fortunately, for all of us, there are other ways to bring happy décor into your life.

Yancey and I are into the Damn Happy, as you might know from our blog. I figure the planet is ready for the Damn Happy after 2 bat shit crazy wars, 2 terms with perhaps the worst US President in history, and the Great Recession.

Our daughter heard an article in NYC where the interviewer asked why happy was finding it’s way into music and fine art. She’s seeing signs of the happier, more colofull art in galleries, and the Indie music she shares fits that description as well. Perhaps it’s a happy revolution! I hope so.

So this is our quest – create designs for living spaces that makes us smile, makes the planet a wee bit more friendly-like, brightens our day, lifts us up! That is what we are creating in our design studio and cottage on AcornHill.

What I am digging here in Happy Décor is color, especially saturated and a wild crazy mix of color, brightly lit spaces are good, a playfulness and creating new unusual furniture that does the trick for me. Very hard to Google Happy Décor and find anything useful. What is your idea of Happy Décor?

Hope you enjoy!
Shine on! Braxton
Color Bubbles

Bright light, clean, colorful

Cool Fusion

Playfull mix of color, pattern and bright light

Bright shiny saturated color

Wow! Bold Color mix. Fun


Wall art, in case you were wondering...

Crazy uph fusion!

Playful seating mix-n-match system. Love the fabric vibe

Righteous Color

Fun pattern story

Retro happy - almost over this look, but still fun

Boom Baby!

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