Friday, May 27, 2011

Alexander Homes – 1955-1965 – Mid-Century Modern Beauties in Palm Springs

Muse for the Parr House in The Incredibles

I was researching Mid-Century Modern and I came across this builder in California. Apparently the Parr house was based on Alexander Homes with their classic butterfly roofline! Cool!

The George Alexander Construction Company partnered with several architects in the late 50’s and early 60’s to build affordable small homes with modern styling near Palm Springs.

Each home was unique but they shared some common features, among them post and beam construction to create large open floor plans, big windows, breezeways connecting the living area to the carport, and flat, slanted or butterfly-shaped roof lines.

Most of these homes were small by modern suburban standards, 1200 – 1600 square feet, but the open floor plan created the feeling of spaciousness. Originally selling for $18,000, a number of these homes now sell for upwards of $3 million.

Most of the pictures that follow are from the firm’s development in Twin Palms. I may dig into the interior shots on a later post. Hope you enjoy!

Note: Our power and telephone are down locally due to a big storm nearby, so I don’t know if we will be able to post on Monday. Yancey has no phone service so can't post at this time.

Hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

Shine on! Braxton

The Mid-Century Romance Shot - Awesome!

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