Monday, May 16, 2011


 We're back from our mini-break on The Blue Ridge Parkway.  We stayed at the Peaks of Otter Lodge which is in fact the most magical place on earth - I don't care what Micky mouse says.
This was the view from our balcony.  Can you say Heaven?

Mountain Laurel.
 This is the view from the restaurant in the main building of the lodge.  The rooms don't have a t.v. or radio and the lodge is too remote for cell phones.  Can you imagine a restaurant full of people speaking in the hushed tones of a pre-cell phone civilization?  In other words we were all using our inside voices.  Bliss.
The Lodge is located on Lake Abbot.

Did you realize dandelions were THIS adorable?
 The lake has a one mile path that winds around it. We walked this path several times a day.
This path leads to an old farm that dates back to the late 1800's.

Braxton snapped this pic of me on one of our  many hikes.
 This is a view of one of the Peaks.
Lake Abbot.

I call this "Braxton contemplating life on rock".

A little Black and White magic.
 I was having difficulty getting my camera to take a soft picture - so Braxton suggested I blow on the lens in order to fog it up.  This is what happened.....
If anyone knows that I'm absolutely ruining my Carl Zeiss lens by doing this - please tell me.

I don't know why.

We had a perfect view of this bridge from our room.
 This picture is BEFORE I blew on the lens.......
 And this picture is AFTER. 
I call this the Monet shot.
 One thing we learned about ourselves is that we both become very relaxed when out in nature.  This first day we were there I felt so relaxed I thought I might slip into a coma.  Caffeine to the rescue.  Lots of caffeine.  I was then able to complete the one mile hike around the lake in two and a half hours rather than my usual three.  Did I mention we were relaxed?
 BTW:  The food was fantastic.  Absolutely the best fried chicken. Ever.  Get this - they dredge their french toast in crushed corn flakes before they cook it!  To die.
Must go finish the vacation laundry.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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