Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have a conundrum.  Yesterday I told you that Braxton and I have
 made a short video explaining the lamp we designed which we call ...THE NAKED LAMP. The name will make sense once you've seen the video. I also mentioned that we would be posting the video on etsy.  Well......

Just like Amy Winehouse, etsy said "no, no, no".  You see - Braxton and I didn't make the lamp, we designed the lamp which on planet etsy is a deal breaker.  Trust me , I've got nothing against etsy, they clearly state on their home page what they will and will not accept - but I was hoping they would be able to see the lamp for what it is......an illuminated photo frame not a lamp...per se.....a way to display ones photography or better yet....my photography.  In other words, the real product is my photography, not the lamp.  Moving on.
I had the "naked lamp" listed on ebay for quite a while....sold a few....not enough....and shut down the site.
So, what now?  Any ideas?  Has anyone had success selling on ebay?  Would you like to share any tips?  Would you buy this lamp?
BTW:  This is NOT the version of the video I sent to etsy - that one was much more professional, edited, mature, and even oscar worthy. 
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.


Leslie R. said...

I love the lamp! Could you set up a Paypal button for buyers from your blog maybe?

Braxton and Yancey said...

Leslie, Thanks for the insightful comment. We are planning our next move - who knows? - maybe a Paypal option on our blog is in our future. Thanks for the suggestion.

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