Friday, June 24, 2011


Now that I've got your attention.....              
 I recently had the unusual opportunity to spend an afternoon alone with my father.  As usually happens in my family, the conversation soon turned to religion.  You need to know here that my family is very very serious about their Christianity and that church attendance was not optional in my childhood.
I believe I have mentioned (quite a while ago) that I, personally, am not conventionally religious.  Spiritual? Yes. Pagan? Yes.  Open minded? I like to think so.  Christian? Not so much.  Church goer?  Oh, that would be a big fat no.  As it turns out, all of the above was news to my father.  oops.

 It shouldn't have surprised me that my father was in the dark regarding a fairly important aspect of my adult life, after all we haven't lived in the same city for over 25 years.  Still, it was at times a rather tense conversation and definitely an eye opener for him.
I must say I was pretty proud of myself in the end, I was able to intelligently convey my philosophies and opinions without becoming emotional or allowing myself to feel too terribly intimidated by my father.  (It's true no matter how old you are your parents can always make you feel like a child again, and not always in a good way).
 My point is this.....even at my age (god that made me sound old) it felt so good to come out to my father.  A person who thought he knew me well, now actually does.  Sometimes when we hide (either consciously or unconsciously) important aspects of ourselves we can begin to think that if only they knew the real me....they would be shocked....or hurt....or whatever, when in reality, once you rip that band aid off, it doesn't hurt as much as you feared.I urge all of you, whether you're young, old, gay, christian, pink, green, or a little witchy (like me) to let the world know who you are.  You deserve to be happy, and hiding your true self probably hurts you more than you realize.  Your happiness will add to the general happiness of the whole universe, and that's a beautiful thing, right?

OH I did mention the Lunar eclipse, didn't I?  Well, Braxton and I have both been feeling a little cranky and dark of late.  We wondered why.  So, I did a little research and found out that we were having a lunar eclipse and that it can alter your mood.  Did anyone else feel it?  Are you generally effected by such things?  Would love to know.

Be your truly beautiful self and have a great weekend!

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