Monday, June 13, 2011


Last week I showed you pictures of some rather nice (Blenko) art glass pieces we purchased at an antique store in Buchanan Virginia.   Well, we did it again, only this time we went rather low end. 

 I'm a big believer in high/low accessorizing, just like in fashion, it's easy to mix nicer (high end) pieces with less expensive (low end) pieces as long as your low end pieces are ones that you really truly love.
This blue glass piece was picked up for around $6.00.  There is something so magical about blue glass!  I just can't stop photographing it.  BTW;  notice the shadows the rippled glass makes on my desk top!
This orange pitcher has such a whimsical shape.  Again, very low end.  I believe we spent around $23.00 for this one. 

Braxton and I were recently remarking about how you never find pink glass, then sure enough, we walked right into this hot pink piece hiding behind a bunch of junk as if it was embarrassed to be there.  We immediately grabbed it for $13.00. 

 This is my favorite - there I go with the blue glass again - but, I have no idea what it is.  A candy dish?  Ash tray?  Bath tub for fairies?  Any ideas? All I know it that it was totally worth the $6.oo we spent.

 Here are our newest (and probably last) additions to our glass collection all lined up.  Want to see where they all ended up?

The orange pitcher and blue glass are on the mantle piece next the considerable more expensive Blenko pieces from last weekend.

 They seem to coexist rather nicely.
Yes, I had a different orange piece here earlier. Braxton and I agree that this one is better.

What?  You can't  spot the blue bowl and the hot pink vase?

 The blushing pink vase sits on the shelf above the clock.
The blue bowl sits on a stack of books.  I just realized how funny it is to have Alexandra stoddard and Gil Elvgren on the same shelf - I wonder if they will fight!

Lets see what the room looks like with the whole glass collection:  These are two pieces we purchased a few weeks ago sitting on Braxtons desk.

 These are both newer and older (high/low ) pieces.

In the spirit of keeping it real this is my unstyled/somewhat messy library/entrance hall with several pieces of colored glass hiding amongst the books.
Because our little hobby of colored art glass  collecting has turned into somewhat of an obsession, I think we should stop the madness now!  At least until we find another piece that we really truly love.
What are your hobbies that you are obsessed about?  Colored art glass collecting anyone?
Have a beautiful day.

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