Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 You can no doubt tell that Braxton and I have been quite inspired by Tim Burton's version of alice in wonderland.  The above picture reminds me of how many details we have to deal with here,  where do I begin?  I've gathered together some images, they may seem random at first, that show how the muse of Alice can be used around the house. 

I think any modern day Alice would have a sumptuous bed and it would be some shade of blue.  This one would be perfect in our country cottage Alice theme.
This bed with it's simple sheets and coverlet would be perfect with our single girl Alice theme. 

The bed below is more sophisticated, perhaps for a couple.  We are clearly sticking with our Alice blue color scheme.

A girl as curious as Alice would definitely have shiny mirrored furniture.  She would also have plenty of silver, mercury glass and wall mirrors. 
 Let's continue the blue/white theme in the dining room.  Alice loves to entertain, and one thing she learned in wonderland is how to entertain with style.  I think the use of transparent fabric adds to the whole fantasy concept, plus its feminine and mysterious, a lot like Alice herself.
Being a romantic at heart, Alice would love a lacy white bed for dreaming of white rabbits in waistcoats.

Out in the garden, Alice would certainly have whimsical topiary furniture and plenty of flowers, although probably NOT red roses. 
Yes, to the purple striped chair!

 Alice adores anything with stripes.  These vases were probably given to her by her friends Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee.
Naturally any modern day Alice would have a collection of whimsical hats.....more on hats later in the week!

We know from the story that she has quite a sweet tooth.  Decorating with candy seems like fun, right? 
 Full disclosure; this is possibly my favorite bathroom in the world.  I'm pretty sure Alice would like it as well.
You won't be going hungry at Alice's house.
Apologies for this shorter post, am having an unusually busy day today, which reminds me of.......

"I'm late I'm late for a very important date"  The white rabbit.

Have a beautiful day.

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