Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vampire Bingo

Let's play Vampire Bingo!

In the storyboards below we've chronicled the evolution of the vampire and their lady friends. Interestingly, not surprisingly, the vampire has evolved from a hideous monsterous fiend to a hideously popular "vegetarian" hunk (so says my Yancey Darling). The Vampires in the first Bingo card are listed in chronological order 1-9.  

For a game of Vamp Bingo, see if you can match the vampire to his vamp. If anybody gets all of them right, you name is entered in a drawing to get a STEAK dinner at the Dracula's Transyvanian Steakhouse in Romania :)  No purchase is necessary, play as often as you like.

Hope you enjoy!
Shine On

The BloodSuckers...

Left Click to Zoom

The Vamps...

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