Monday, July 18, 2011


His name is max her name is sophia.  He's a 50 year old architect, she's a 48 year old opera diva.  They live in a penthouse apartment in NYC, are quite wealthy, quite lovely, very much in love, childless, are both in great physical shape (he's a marathon runner, she's a yoga master), tall, prone to high drama, vain, have oodles of friends, have a fondness for luxury, no pets, and they have a thing for vampires. 

Let's check out sophia's closet, shall we?

Military inspired jackets, with lots of gold braiding, are a vamp favorite.

Notice the red ribbon around the neck - I wonder what she's hiding.

When Braxton and I began to brainstorm on this muse, we came up with a list of characteristics of vampires and those who love them....
Of course vampires have favorite, blood red, grey, white, deep rich gemstone colors, silver and gold.
The detailing on this dress reminds me of sutures.

 Vampires insist on decorating with, and wearing, velvet, silk, fur, leather, lace, satin, and faceted crystal.

I personally don't condone the wearing of fur, but then I am neither a opera diva or a vampire.
 We also came up with some design elements associated with vampires.......mirrors, sensuous fabrics (vamps are very tactile creatures), horns, skins, candles and fire, monograms and family crests, deep cushions and pillows, sexy beds, and sexy clothes.

I know this is she who shall not be named , no wait, that's the wrong movie.  Notice the military inspired jacket and boots.

Opera divas and vampire lovers alike, love to show off their well toned and sexy backs.

Perfect evening at the opera wear.

Of course vampires wear sexy black lace undies.

All that milky white skin look great surrounded by black.
Stick with us this week, while we explore the influence of the vampire muse on home decor, art, and music.  I even have a vampire inspired recipe for you and of course we will be exploring  max's closet.
Are you inspired by vampires?  If so, please tell.

Have a beautiful day.

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