Monday, August 1, 2011


Welcome to another week of design muse.  This week we will be vibing Baz Luhrmann's cinematic masterpiece (in my opinion, anyway)  MOULIN ROUGE!
After seeing the movie last night for the billionth time, Braxton and I came up with the following design elements that one could incorporate into a Moulin Rouge inspired interior or wardrobe.
Corsetry, black lace, fur, waistcoats, top hats, canes, diamonds, can-can skirts, elephants.......... 
Nicole Kidman's Satine briefly wore a red satin dress that was so perfect, so gorgeous, so sexy it launched a thousand red dresses.
 Kama Sutra, red, gold, black, white, velvet, satin, Absinthe, fire, windmills, rose, rose petals.......
This particular red satin number is one that I found at my local Good Will.  I know, I'm lucky that way.

My life does not require me to wear red satin very often, but I'm pretty sure I've worn this every New Years Eve since I bought it.
 Suspenders, trousers, Parisian Brothel, cobblestones, the moon, hearts, ruffles (and more ruffles), bows, stripes, tassels and pom pom's.
This is a gorgeous red velvet dress by Oscar de la Renta. 
 For those who haven't seen the movie......... The story is set in Paris in 1899 "the summer of love." The characters speak of the four pillars of bohemianism....truth, beauty, freedom, and above all things...LOVE.
The skirt of this dress is particularly Moulin Rouge as it has a rose design.

Red rose petals were very significant in the final scene with Satine and Christian.
 Our friends at Wikkipedia define bohemianism as "The practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving music, artistic or literary pursuits."
The aggressive jewelry reminds me of the Gothic Tower scene.

The can-can skirt.  These kinds of extravagant ruffles are not exactly fashionable or modern by today standards.  Catherine Martin (the costume director) decided the usual white skirts of the dancers was too boring for this movie, she chose the sexier, bolder, braver jewel toned colors we see here.
 Somehow extravagant ruffles looks less costumy in white.  Any of the following dresses could be worn today, and still vibe the can can skirts of Moulin Rouge.

The American College Dictionary defines a bohemian as "a person with artistic or intellectual tendencies, who lives and acts with no regard for conventional rules of behavior."

 As always Braxton will be showing us how to vibe the Moulin Rouge look for interiors later in the week.  I'll also show you how to incorporate other style elements from the movie in to your wardrobe, and even share a personal story about Paris.
If you've never seen the Baz Luhrmann directed Moulin Rouge! I can't recommend it enough.  MR is the perfect date night movie and it's a wealth of design inspiration.

Have a beautiful day.

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