Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Burtonesque Furniture and Accessories – The Guts of Great Atmospheric Home Décor

Décor that Gives You a Creative Boner

We love Tim Burton’s movies. They are a great inspiration. As Yancey says, they are Gothic and atmospheric and sweet, and very unique. I LOVE that he has a retrospective exhibit going right now. We don’t collect a lot of movies at AcornHill, but I suppose we have more of Tim’s movies than any other director.

From a Home Décor perspective, as our Muse this week, this is a challenge. Like Vampire week, we want to pull from Burton’s work as a muse or jumping off point without creating roomscapes that look like a Hallmark Halloween party. At the same time, we are interested in the idea of extreme décorsomething way outside the comfort zone of suburban America. Fun, crazy, but tasteful, you know?

I’ve done a little research on what is out there that smacks of Tim Burton, when it comes to the bones of a spirited room. We brainstormed on elements from his movies which included bones, of course, fantastical weird proportions, lots of grey, black and blue, bone white, moonlight, Gothic is a big influence, ecclesiastical elements could be good, silver a great metal for this story, etc.

What follows is a scrapbook of furniture and decorative elements that I’ve found so far. Later in the week we’ll share some actual room stories. Hope you enjoy!

Shine On! Brax

Twisted wrought iron and wireform seems sketchy, like a Burton drawing and a good fit...

Furniture that rocks some great pattern and funky proportions... 
This wide B/W stripe is a great Burton muse, as is the playful proportion. Love the juxt of old/new

A little too kiddie for me right now, but rocks the Alice vibe

Nice sketchy, ghostly cocktail table

Exaggerated spidery cabriole legs in black works!

Out there - extreme but could be a fit for the right roomscape

Crunchy horns and leather!
Velvet is a good fit - I would love to see some old velvets embossed in elaborate patterns...

Poor pic, but very Alice story here

The Bones...
Consider a pile of bones in your living room. Right! Bones definitely Burtonesque, but is there is way to use them? Like a spooky chandelier maybe? Naw!

Lamp possibilities...

These skeletal lamps or something like them could work

Spider! Honey, get a newspaper

I like these patterns for the Burton story. Sarah loves pugs! Random, but Yay!

Uglydolls! Very Burtonesque. Use as pillows?

Great atmospheric bookcase
Silver rocks this story...

More Bones...

Try adding a corner squid :). Looks like a curse invading our living space...

Nice Gothic metalwork

Any shadow work or shadow inspired wallpaper or lamp shades would be a great fit
Burton inspired snack. Pattern and color rocks, as does the twisted proportion. Love this!

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