Friday, August 5, 2011

Jules Cheret (1836-1932)– French Master of Belle Époque Poster Art

When I was researching Toulouse-Lautrec I found another painter of his day, Jules Cheret, whose art works perfectly with the Moulin Rouge! roomscapes we would love to create! Wikipedia reports that his art freed women of the day. “…previously depicted in art as prostitutes or puritans (,the) women of Cheret’s posters (were) joyous, elegant and lively.” Women influenced by his art, ‘Cherettes’, as they were popularly called in Paris...were recognized for wearing low-cut bodices and smoking in Paris in this new more open atmosphere. A writer of the time said he could not imagine Paris without its Cherets. For this reason, Jules Cheret has been called the father of women’s liberation.

Here is a quick snapshot of his art – again, perfect for the Bohemian Chic or Parisian Artist’s Loft Décor:

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