Friday, August 12, 2011


I've had such a great time this week.  MAD MEN has been my favorite muse so far.  As anyone who reads this blog already knows, mid century modern or mod is really where Braxton and I live, it's the style that we love and have surrounded ourselves with.  For us, it's a look that's here to stay.
As Braxton pointed out yesterday, on the show, the Draper house is rather steeped in tradition (check out Betty's horrible kitchen wall paper for example) and the Sterling Cooper offices are steeped in mid century modern.  There is one episode in season two when Don goes to L. A. (or is it Palm Springs?) and things start to turn MOD for the first time.  Does anyone remember Joy?  I'm pretty sure Don will never forget her.
Don and Joy....a California mod babe with a fantastic hair cut and enviable wardrobe for sure.

Joy's house.  A California mid century modern masterpiece.

Check out the swoon worthy orange chair.

When I mention that Braxton and I have chosen to surround and clothe ourselves in our favorite style I want you to know how grateful I am to be allowed to make that choice.  Think about how few sartorial choices were available in the mid century.  On MAD MEN  for example.....a rebellious secretary could probably get away with wearing a colorful scarf or perhaps a chain belt, but all the hem lines seem to be within 1/4 of an inch of each a suburban housewife Betty was expected to be appropriately dressed at all times, from grocery shopping and picking up the kids from school, to out in the town with Don at night....all the male employees of Sterling Cooper wore suits, everyday, period.
As my smart husband says "the days of the tyrannical designer are over", and for that I am so truly grateful.  Our formothers of the mid century forsake their bras, girdles and in some cases razors, not so that future generations of women would be bouncy and hairy, but so that we would have choices.  For that I say Thank You.
Apparently there were no bugs in southern California in the 60's.

Love the white piping on the chair cushions, so smart looking.

I can't quite figure out what those things are on the wall, but I like.

Thanks for joining us this week as we explored the genius that is MAD MEN.   Be sure to join us next week when we explore a new muse.

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend.

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