Thursday, August 4, 2011

Moulin Rouge! Room Décor – Bordello Chic, Artist’s Loft, and Bohemian

Decorating with Truth, Beauty, Freedom and above all Love

This has been a great week. Having a lot of fun with these muses! Saw the movie again for the millionth time and it is always a great visual treat.

As part of my research into the Moulin Rouge, turn of the century (once removed ie 1900) vibe, I’ve busted the décor into 3 fantastic stories: Opulent Over-the-top Bordello, Artist’s Loft- which is minimalist, lean and warehousey, and Bohemian – which is eclectic, patterned, colorful, playful and well travelled.

My personal preference is for the Loft or Bohemian styles, since they are more youthful and cleaner, more modern looks, but there is definitely a place for an eclectic over the top deeply tufted Bordello headboard in cotton velvet, or similar ottoman or a chair in a great Bohemian modern room!

Hope you enjoy!

Shine On! Braxton
The Historical Reference...

Exotic Bordello direction

Love these gates- reminds me of the elephant room in MR

Bold saturated blue would be a cool direction, with exotic skins and opulent details

Now for a more Modern Bordello Muse...

Let's Muse about the Artist's Loft Direction...

Now for the Bohemian Chic Way...

Look for bright saturated colors, mix and match patterns, exotic elements from travels, especially indian or morracan elements - very eclectic and fun! This pic, obviously a store.

Old brickwork adds a Bohemian found space story

Colorful, playful shapes, shiny painted table with classic lines makes the old new again

Cluttered look is appropriate from traveling and filling up your gypsy wagon on the way...

Love the bold color play here and unusually shaped furnishings

Fun mix-n-match colors. Oversized classic bold color wallpaper makes this fresh. Glassware and flowers pull the color and make this cohesive

A little more polished than a typical Bohemian story, but it works

Charming - found or converted garden furniture is a good fit for this story

Love this Bohemian outdoor space!

Reminds me of our daughters room - magazine pages as wallpaper is cool!
Viva La Boheme!


Anonymous said...

Are these posters - or bigger, how can I order one?

Braxton and Yancey said...

Not quite sure what you mean, but I don't actually know how any of the items in the pics. can be aquired. So sorry.
Thanks for stopping by...wish I could help.

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