Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Do I have your attention?
Today's post will concentrate on photos of studio/art spaces that I really like for one reason or another.  Braxton was kind (as always) enough to lend me his vast archives of studio spaces he had acquired for a project a while back.  Really, this is just a fraction of the photos he gave me.  I found I needed to organize them, so I have grouped them into two categories;  studios for clean art (sewing, drawing, writing....) and studios for dirty art (painting, wood working...).
Let's begin with studio space for making...
I love the shelving in this space.  Artists, of all kinds, frequently rely on books and magazines for inspiration, and they need to be stored so that they can be seen at a glance.

Love the warm wood floors, they add a homey touch to a studio.

Pops of color are always inspiring to me.  This bright red is probably most appropriate for your active space rather than your contemplative space in your studio.  If you don't know what I mean, you may want to re-read yesterdays post.

Love the whimsical color choices.

Again, everything has a place, yet everything can be seen.

A comfortable chair in a studio is always a good idea, where else will you nap meditate on your new ideas?

This one is my favorite.  This is my inspiration for my own studio space. 

This picture, and the next, are of Martha Stewart's attic studio space.

God, the staircase!

Again, love the warm wooden floors, and is that a sparkly chandelier I spy?  Who are these guys?

Moving on to studio space for...
Even though this guy is making a bit of a mess, it's an organized  mess.

Occasionally, I'm simply at a loss for words.

I don't know what this person does here, but again with the fancy light fixtures.

A light box can be a wonderful thing.

I suspect this is not actually what this space looks like most of the time....I am quite familiar with painter's studios and how messy they usually are....but I love that this guy seems so zen.  I also love his art.
Tomorrow, let's explore some unusual creative spaces.....the dressing table, anyone?
Have a beautiful day.

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