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When our girls were in high school art shows, lots and lots of art shows, I can't tell you the number of times I heard someone say; "I don't have a creative bone in my body", or "I could never be an artist, I can't even draw a straight line".  They were wrong.
Everyday life in inherently creative, which means we're all artists of a sort.  Naturally there are Artists, and there are artists, and most of us fall into the later category, but if you are alive, you are creative.

Roy Lichtenstein, a braxton and yancey favorite,  in his studio.
 Every good parent knows that child rearing is a creative process, and like most creative endeavors, requires loads of patience.  Some people make the act of getting dressed in the morning a creative process, and others reserve their creative energy for the culinary arts.  Some people make their own clothes, and some write books or music or poetry.  I've known women who obviously spend quality time at their dressing tables and leave the house as walking works of art every day.
However you express yourself creatively, you will require the literal space in which to do it.
Jack White in his recording studio, Third Man Records.  Anyone else a JW fan?  Conquest, anyone?
This week I would like to explore the concept of creative space how it effects the outcome of your creative pursuits.  Is creative space important to you and your art?  What does your studio look like?  Do ideas require creative space?
Julia Child in her kitchen/studio.  This picture cracks me up!
Later in the week, I'll be showing you our studio or creative space.  Years ago we turned our 350 square foot single car garage into painting studios for the girls.  Believe me, this was probably the best money Braxton and I ever spent, and was greatly appreciated by our daughters.  Now that the girls are grown, we have been slowly taking over the space for our own use, I have my desk and computer there, and Braxton has a drafting table and other work surfaces.  What we don't have is the beautifully appointed room of our dreams. Yet.  I'll be showing you some ideas I have for the space and hopefully you will share some ideas of your own.
Elizabeth Taylor at her dressing table.  Do you agree that a dressing table can be a creative space?

Surely Maria Carey's dressing room elevates getting dressed to an art form.  OMG the shoes alone!!  Seriously, I would probably never ever leave this room.
Hopefully this week will get you thinking about the importance of "a room of ones own".  Everyone deserves their own space to create and dream.
Anyone who sews knows how much space it requires.  I remember when my mom would sew on the dining room table before she commandeered her own space.

I love to photographs flowers, and I consider my backyard ( and everyone else's backyards for that matter) my creative space.

Of course anyone who blogs needs quiet space to write.  Are you one of those who can concentrate in a crowded coffee shop?  Wish I could, but that is definitely not me.
As always you are invited to join in the conversation, we love hearing from you.  Where is your studio?
Have a beautiful day.

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