Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Remember when you were a teenager and wanted to decorate your room?  Perhaps put up posters of your favorite rock or movie stars?  A black light or two?  Candles, lots and lots of candles?  Hide all of your stuffed animals in the closet?  Ban your brother from entering, for life? 
 How did your parents react?  Did they say the two most dreaded, candle snuffing words in the English language....you can't?  The saddest thing about the words you can't is by the time you're an adult they've usually morphed into....I can't.  I can't paint my living room walls orange.....I can't put down white shag rugs.....I can't sell the inherited antiques and buy the modern furniture that I really want....I can't!

Who tells rock stars you can't?  Who tells sting, you can't buy an English castle and turn it into a recording studio!  Who tells Keith Richards,  you can't let your girlfriends lounge around on the fine velvet...naked!  And who the hell is going to tell Rod Stewart, you can't live out your Lord of the Manor fantasies!  My guess is....no one...that's who.  

Let's give ourselves permission to live like rock stars....I can....you can....we all can.
Here's some inspiration to get us started....... 
A hotel designed by Philippe Stark, arguably a rock star of architecture and design.

Designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard...beloved by rock stars the world over.

The Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.

He may not be a rock star, but antiques dealer Richard Kazarian knows how to live like one.

The tropical estate of George Harrison. 

Who told George Harrison, you can't decorate your living room like a tikki lounge?

Care to guess?

Stings castle/recording studio.

Oh Rod Steward never change for you are truly adorable.  Btw: the green dining room belongs to Mr. S.

More Philippe Stark inspiration.

Designer Tobi Tobin, who is clearly cool enough to be a rock star!
You want to live like a rock star?   YOU CAN!
Have a beautiful day.

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Braxton and Yancey said...

What an ostentatious show of wealth...how do I get one? :) My fav is the Hard Rock Hotel, but they are all stunning! Brax

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