Wednesday, November 16, 2011


 As a petite woman (I stand about 4ft. 11in.)  I am often thwarted by pattern in fashion.  The "fashion police" are always telling me I can't wear horizontal stripes, two colors at once, large scale pattern, anything too fussy, layers......really the list never ends....and I rarely ever listen.  But still......I do realize that some things looks much better on my taller sisters than on me.
Which brings us to polka dots....a truly democratic pattern.  With all the sizes and colors to choose from there's a polka dot for everyone.  So....I've chosen a few of my favorites for all you petites out there.

If you are skittish about wearing pattern, or just new to the game, patterned tights are a great place to start.  I think these dotted stockings are adorable and very wearable for petites.

 Did you know that when asked about pattern in womens fashion, men almost universally despise polka dots, calling them too girly and unsexy.  Do you agree? 
This polka dotted ring by Marc Jacobs would bring a smile to any outfit. 

The sheer fabric keeps the pattern from being overwhelming.

I love this dress so much, I would have it in every color.  The mid century silhouette (cinched in waist) is perfect for petites.

Again, the sheer fabric keeps things light.

Even though these dots are rather large in scale, the contrast in color is subtle, making this wearable for petites.

I would prefer these dots to be a bit smaller in scale so as to avoid veering into clown territory, but I think these would work on a petite who was as young as the model here.

Classic, lady like, lovely.  Who wouldn't look and feel pretty in this blouse?  As a petite I would pair this with a knee length skirt or slim jeans.

Yep, I want each one of these.

 Who's to know what's underneath, right?  Yes to polka dotted underwear!
Are you  a polka dot wearing petite?  Do you think polka dots can be sexy?
Have a beautiful day.

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Braxton and Yancey said...

I think Polka Dots can be great and sexy, as shown in Pic 3, but I'm not certain about that hockey puck thingy on her head! :) Brax

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