Thursday, November 3, 2011


 Today I want to show you what I found while hopping all over the Internet looking for happy inspiration.....

This is actually NOT vintage, it was designed in 2007.  Raise your hand if this makes you want a fruity cocktail with an umbrella, like now.
 The following two pictures are of kitchen cabinets designed by Karim Rashid, whom you may remember from
I'm not at all certain I like these, but I do admire the boldness.

"Diet Pop Art" instillation by artist T.J. Mobery

The following pictures are of colorful kitchen gadgets I would love to!
Colorful stripes on a cutting board by Joseph-Joseph.

When we were in Europe, Braxton and I noticed all the kitchen shops had colorful plastic gadgets, intended for adults.  They seem to be getting more popular in the states now, but still not easy to find.  I've had the best luck on the MoMA website.
Kids kitchen tools from Fiesta.

Found on Sur la Table.

This colorful hand mixer (and the following four products) are from Cuisinart.  I had no idea Cuisinart was doing such great colors!  Swoon.
Sorry for the somewhat fuzzy pics. but I really wanted you to see these.

The mother of all kitchen tools.....the Kitchenaid stand in apple green! and lots of other fun colors too.

This adorable plastic juicer can be found in the MoMA gift shop, home to lots of colorful fun goodness.
What are you favorite kitchen gadgets?  Are they colorful?  I love my wooden spoons, which I use multiple times a day, but my favorite kitchen tool has to be my Kitchen Aid mixer, which I'm embarrassed to say is white. I know, what was I thinking?

Have a beautiful day.

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Leslie R. said...

I love all of this!

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