Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Can we talk about the child like quality of Pop Art?  I can imagine some of you are thinking... that's exactly why Pop Art isn't appropriate for the living room.  It's certainly true that Pop Art adds a jolt of youthful color and humor to a room, and why not, that's the point.

 When Braxton and I redecorated our house in a mid century modern style we definitely embraced the chance to bring saturated toy like color into our lives.  From the row of candy colored art glass on the fire place... to the colorful polka dots on the curtains... to bright silk pillows (not to mention their huge buttons) on the sofa and chairs... our house looks like it belongs to people who own a toy store (which we did) rather than a couple of empty nesters on a budget.  And we love it, really love it.
When you decorate/redecorate your own home it can be an opportunity to explore the boundaries of appropriate style and the fun, colorful, youthful house you really want.  Please don't make choices based on what your MIL would approve of, or your neighbors, or the editor of your favorite decor magazine whom you will probably never even meet, have fun.....for you....you deserve it.  Pop Art is a great place to start....

The next few pictures are examples of actual Pop Art used in room decor....just to get us started.

Can you imagine how cool these parents must be?

Love the Pop Art Beatles...but my God the wallpaper!

From a site called sugarluxe.com ....lots of groovy stuff.

Now lets check out what happens when Pop Art becomes a muse.   These next few pictures are full of bright saturated pop art color and child like whimsy....

A Nelson Marshmallow sofa @ Designwithinreach....now in Pop Art color!!!

 No Pop Art to be found, but notice the incredible cartoon quality hot pink walls, black sconces and shiny black stairs....I think Warhol would like it here.

No human being would ever stack books like that. 

The Union Jack....a classic Pop Art symbol.

This fantastic thing is actually a glass hanging lamp.

Can you see the possibilities here?  I hope I've inspired you to rethink the use of bright saturated color as seen in Pop Art.  Shiny Happy People deserve Shiny Happy Decor.

Have a beautiful day.


Braxton and Yancey said...

Love the fearless color and humor in these rooms. The B/W rug room rocks, love that Danish Modern cocktail table! Brax

Leslie R. said...

I love Pop Art!

Be Pop Art said...

I always believed that Pop Art can immediately spice up a room, and the decor examples posted here are a perfect example of just that.

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