Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hot pink love in the bedroom

Intense, romantic and modern, hot pink will always make you and your guests look good and feel energized, making it the perfect color for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or any room in your house.  
Sexy bold hot pink has a thoroughly modern sensibility....and you know how much I love that!
The pillow says it all.

You had me at hot pink shag rug!

Are you noticing what a great couple hot pink and black make?

A nice juxt of modern and traditional.

              Hot pink love in the bathroom
I actually have a hot pink and black bathroom...which I love....even though Braxton thinks the color is a little too "Pepto Bismol".

Bold stripes in a bold color....count me in.

When I saw this, I realized how unusual it is to see mirrored furniture mixed with bold wall color.  Love this.

Personally, I think the brown floor and cabinets must go....otherwise it's very nice.

             Hot pink love in the kitchen
You guys know how much I love a modern kitchen, and what could be better than a modern hot pink kitchen!
Hello lover.

This just says happy to me!

Love the super shiny surfaces.

I would smile and dance and sing in this room.....although again, I really don't like the choice of flooring.

For all you traditionalists out there....consider painting your cabinets hot pink.

I think this may be my favorite picture of the day....oh joy, oh bliss.
What's your favorite way to decorate with hot pink?   Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or all three.

Have a beautiful day.

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