Thursday, December 29, 2011


What will you be wearing this New Year's Eve?

 Is there anything more fun to shop for than a party dress?  I've hunted around and found some really great ones.....many are sparkly....can we all agree that this is the year of the sequin?  What will you be wearing?
I seriously love this blue dress.  The color! The tassels!

This one would flatter almost anyone at any age...Can't you see Michelle Obama in this?

Thank God someone has finally made a long sleeved party rare.

 Like I said, the year of the sequin.  I do hope this trend will be around for a while..sequins + heels + champagne = fun!

 The dress below is actually quite similar to the one I've been wearing for the past couple of new year's eve's.  Mine is red satin and I'm pretty sure it was someones bridesmaids dress.  My daughter had me pose for a painting in it, which now hangs in my breakfast room, immortalized forever. Oh, and I found it at Goodwill for $5.00!!  Happy New Year!
Mine is cut almost exactly like this...yes the skirt really is this wide.
 Let's talk about party hair! 
Do you style you hair differently for special occasions?  I love to do different things with my hair, although for special occasions I usually wear it down like I do on most's just to nerve wracking to worry about an updo all night.

I love braids!

Temporary color for a party?

This looks like it requires much more hair than I possess, but isn't it lovely?

 Let's talk about party makeup! 
 Have you ever hired a professional to do your party makeup?  Do real people actually do that?
Makeup is one of my great pleasures in life.  I have so many lipsticks and eyeshadow I could rock a completely different look everyday for a year.  Really.
One thing I've haven't tried yet it false eyelashes....tempted...New Years Eve perhaps!
What's your party makeup style?
Love the retro look.

Why not?

I have a thing for masks...I loath them...they seriously scare the bejessus out of me.  If I had the nerve to ever attend a masked party (and I don't) I would do something like this instead. 

Would you consider matching your eyeshadow to your dress?

I assume this woman doesn't wish to be kissed at midnight.

If you went to a party with a friend, would it be fun to match your makeup?
Have a beautiful day.


Leslie R. said...

I *love* the long sleeved dress! What is that first picture from- it's great!

Braxton and Yancey said...

I honestly don't know....looks like Audrey Hepburn doncha think? If I figure it out I'll let you know.

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