Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Welcome to a new week and a new muse.
  When contemplating  posting ideas, I couldn't think of a better muse for the week between Christmas and New Years than......PARTY!

 What's your party style?  Big, loud and crowded?  Intimate with a sit down meal?  Games and costumes? The kind you don't remember very well the next day, or wish you didn't?

When we were in college, Braxton's and my idea of a party was... another like minded couple, a six pack or bottle of wine, and deep philosophical questions such as.....the meaning of life?  Is there a god?  The Beatles or the Rolling stones?  What are the chances any of us will actually graduate?

These days our parties generally involve a birthday or holiday, although sometimes we're just celebrating life, and it's usually just the two of us, a bottle of champagne, and deep philosophical questions such as....the meaning of life?  Is there a god?  What are the chances our children will finish their advanced degrees in our lifetime?  We finally figured out the whole Beatles Vs. Stones thing.
 Let's talk about great party ideas and venues.
Let's talk about party clothes.
 Let's explore celebrations around the world.  Have you ever participated in another cultures holiday or celebration?

 Let's talk about favorite party food.  I absolutely adore making horderves and always make tons for New Years Eve.
 Let's talk about the best party you've ever been to....the best party you've ever hosted....the dream party in your head....where would it be...what would you serve...wear...what's the occasion?

Let's talk about PARTIES!

Have a festive day.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Love the pic of those horderves -- they look yummy. Might try them for New Year's Eve.

Braxton and Yancey said...

I agree they do look super easy and colorful...perfect for NYE. Happy New Year!

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