Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Obviously I don't know what the view looks like outside your window today....so let me paint you a picture of what I'm seeing out of mine...it's grey, rainy, foggy, and cold with a light frost. 
 What am I wearing you ask?  A pair of jeans over leggings (for extra warmth), a turtle neck sweater over a cami (again, for warmth) topped off with a rather hideous yet warm jacket.
 I don't exactly despise this kind of weather, in fact it's perfect for cuddling up with the one you love, watching a movie, drinking something hot, and doing what ever is necessary to keep warm. 
Yet......I would certainly trade my entire winter wardrobe, such as it is, for the chance to spend even a long weekend in the topics wearing any one of the following....

Really hate the pants, but the shirt reminds me of a mid century bowling shirt.  Cute!

Yes, yes, oh God yes.

Love the mod shape and pattern.

Love this with the blue shoes, and the dress walking away from the camera is adorable.

You're in the topics, no one will know, right?

So cool and refreshing.

Love the colors of this one, not certain about the shorts.

Reminds me of the disco 70's.  Studio 54 Bora Bora?

This would be great for hiding the impact of those 20 zillion Mai tai's.

Perfectly lovely.

Show of hands....who's with me?
Could you use a tropical vacation about now?  Btw: the last picture is of French Polynesia....I am so there.
Have a beautiful day.

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