Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 As I mentioned on Monday, I have a vintage winter coat with a fur collar and cuffs.  I'm not absolutely certain the fur is the real thing, but fairly certain, and I've only worn it once.  It makes me a little uncomfortable.  It's not at all like me to spend real American dollars on something then let in languish in my closet, and it's an absolutely gorgeous coat....but still. 
What would you do?  Vintage fur....yes or no?

I love how well she thought this through.

If there ever is an appropriate time for vintage's a wedding.  Lovely.
According to all furs should be kept in cold storage during spring and summer months as heat, humidity and moths can all damage fur, and never store your fur in a plastic bag.
One should avoid prolonged periods of sitting while wearing fur and avoid pocketbooks with shoulder straps.
If you get caught in the rain while wearing fur, never use heat to dry your fur.  Shake off excess water and allow to dry naturally. 
What's your opinion....would love to know.
Have a beautiful day.


Leslie R. said...

Like any good vegan, the fur kind of skeeves me out. That being said, I have a fur trim coat that was my grandmother's that I certainly pull out and wear occasionally...but I always explain how I got it!!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I've got a vintage mink ...but I have not worn it in a couple of years because I feel uncomfortable. Didn't you have a teddy bear made out of a fur once?

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