Thursday, January 5, 2012

1960's FASHION


I'm not really a big shopper....for clothes that is.  I can spend hours in a vintage store looking for mid century treasures for the house, and don't even get me started on how much I love a good bookstore, but clothing stores...not so much.

This is the year it's all going to change, I've decided  2012 is the year I do something about my wardrobe, such as acquire one.   I've also decided that 1960's Modern will be my muse.  I love the simplicity of this style, it's really perfect for petites, and I'm definitely a flat shoes kind of girl.

I really need a plan though, without one I'm am simply 
For winter....short skirts and dresses with tights and flat shoes will be perfect.
And, as for summer....slightly longer skirts and perhaps a kitten heel. 
I already have a vintage coat, lots of vintage jewelry and pocketbooks, and one huge pair of white plastic sunglasses that Audrey Hepburn would be proud to wear.
Let's get started...
These would be perfect with tights and cardigans for winter.  I love that these women are so passionate about their minis.

Scarf?  Check.  Plastic bracelets?  Check.  Hugh white sunglasses? Check.  Adorable convertible?  Perhaps one day.

These seem perfect for summer.  Love the kitten heels, easy to walk in and super feminine.

I had a pair of white go-go boots in the fourth grade, the last time I was actually cool.

Love the bag, love the dress, love the hair... love it all.

I already have two vintage straw pocketbooks like these.

Orange crush!!!

Such a fresh and pretty look.
 I definitely have a style crush on Zooey Deschanel and have several pictures of her on my latest story board for fashion inspiration.  I would love to go shopping with her....Zooey, call me!

 What's you favorite decade for vintage style?  How do you feel about 60's modern?  Where do you shop for vintage?  Any suggestions?

Have a beautiful day.

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